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The Werewolf Game

DDRFreak's most popular party game since January 2003!

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The Werewolf Game (TWG) is a party game reminiscent of the game Mafia that's played on the Random Chat forum of DDRFreak. In this game, a gaggle of players are villagers in a fictional town. A small portion of these villagers are bloodthirsty werewolves who kill one member of the village each night. At daytime, the villagers all assemble and try to lynch someone they suspect to be a werewolf. Whichever side survives, wins.

TWG began in January of 2003 to a modest group of people. Since then, dozens of people sign up to play every game (although I can only accept so many applications.)

Special Roles
Previous games
Hall of Fame

Rules of the Game

TWG is played with at least 8 players, typically between 12 and 16. At the start of the game, each player is privately informed of their role for the game. Most of the players are humans, but a few of them are werewolves (usually 3 or 4). There is also one Seer chosen to help out the human side.

Each round of TWG is plated in two halves: Night and Day.


Each round begins at night. During this time, the humans are all fast asleep. This is when the werewolves get their free kill. When they decide which villager to knock off, they privately inform the host of their choice. The rest of the village won't know until daytime.

Meanwhile, this is the opportunity for the Seer to develop some intelligence on the field. Each night, the Seer has a "vision" about one of his colleagues, and learns for a fact whether or not that person is a human or a werewolf. Again, they privately tell the host who they wish to see that night, and are then told the species of the chosen player.

When the sun rises, though, is when the fun really starts.


When the villagers awake, they are informed of who bit the dust the night before (usually in the form of another villager coming across the victim's dead body or the victim suspiciously missing a headcount). At this point, get the noose ready - it's time for a lynching.

During the day, all of the villagers - including the werewolves, who have now assumed human form and are trying to blend into the crowd - discuss their suspicions. Eventually it'll reach a point where one or more people are accused of being a werewolf, and the villagers will start to vote for the player they want to lynch on that day. At least half the village must agree on a particular person in order for a lynching to take place. Players can change their vote to someone else if they choose, but once a pseudomajority is reached, that's it - that player is gone.

If no majority is reached as a result of more than two players accumulating votes, then a runoff is held and the two highest vote-getters are on the block. Anyone who didn't vote for them originally must now choose between the two of them to determine which person will be lynched. If there still isn't a majority by then, a tiebreaker is used. One of the players at risk places a dagger in one of two boxes, and the other player chooses one of those boxes to open. If the box with the dagger is opened, that player is killed.

When the lynching is done, everyone goes back into their homes, and the next night begins.

The object of either side is to survive long enough to avoid getting killed. For the humans, that means lynching every werewolf in the village. For the wolves, it means getting the humans down to a point where they're outnumbered. At that point, the wolves can openly slaughter the remaining humans without fear of reprisal.

Other rules

1. If a player is killed, they're no longer allowed to talk. Some leeway is afforded to those who wish to give a dying solliloquy, but once a player is dead, they are to stay out of the discussions for the rest of the game. Violations can result in declaring the game a mistrial and suspensions for the offenders.

2. If a player mentions someone by name in their post, it is considered a vote. This is to prevent people from floating trial balloons by saying "I think it's ___, but I want to wait to hear what everyone else has to say."

3. If players are absent from the voting, they are given a warning for the first offense, and a phantom vote against them for the second. If a player is absent for three straight rounds, he is replaced. (Note: if someone posts but doesn't vote, they aren't considered absent since they did contribute.)

4. Players are encouraged to refrain from changing their screennames in the midst of a game, to minimize confusion.

Special Roles
Previous games
Hall of Fame

Special Roles

Aside from just Human, Werewolf and Seer, other intermediary roles have been used in previous games. Here's a listing of the other roles we have incorporated into the game:

Mason: A mason is a human that knows at the start of the game that all his fellow masons are human as well. I typically only use these if the werewolves are in the midst of a winning streak to even things out, as it's a powerful tool for the humans.

Witness: Not so much a role, but more a feature. Once in the game, one villager privately notifies the host that he would like to be a witness of that night's killing. If that person is killed that night, then nothing happens. Otherwise, that player sees one of the wolves return from the kill, while that wolf sees the witness back. It's then a matter of who can convince the rest of the village to lynch the other player. A great way to start feuds between two players.

Cupid: The single most problematic role ever devised. One human is chosen and picks two other players. These players are considered lovers; if one is killed, the other dies of a broken heart. If they both reach the end of the game, they both win, even if they're of different species. Every game I've seen use this role has fallen apart, since the Cupid has no reason not to tell everyone who the lovers are. Don't use it unless you know what you're doing.

Guardian Angel: One human is picked for this role. Each night, the Guardian Angel chooses a villager besides himself to protect (with wolfsbane, let's say). If the wolves try to kill that person, then nothing happens. If the GA thinks a particular person is the seer, then he can continuously protect that player until he himself dies. Probably the most popular auxiliary role besides the Seer.

Vigilante: One human is chosen. Once during the game, the Vigilante has the ability to singlehandedly kill any other player in broad daylight. To do so, they must reveal themselves as the Vigilante and pick a person to eliminate. The host will then confirm his role and remove the chosen player (meaning that a wolf can't pretend to be the Vigilante). If the Vigilante is killed beforehand, though, the chance is wasted. (Note that you should include an extra player into the game to accomodate the extra kill.)

Psychic: One human is selected. Each night, the Psychic is told how many wolves are still alive in the village, giving them a chance to gauge the village's progress during the game. (It also serves as a reverse Seer, since if the number goes down from one night to the next, then obviously they lynched a wolf that day.)

Special Roles
Previous games
Hall of Fame

Previous Games

Here's a rundown of how previous sessions of TWG have turned out.

Game 0: 8 players, 2 werewolves
Werewolves: Abysslicious, EBT
Humans: Asthmaboy, Bringer of Death, Cynic (N2), Frylock (D1), Mitsujin
Seer: Deus (N1)
Result: Aborted
Thoughts: Obviously, all of us were feeling our way through this. It went dormant for a couple days, so I assumed everyone had lost interest, and called the game off. Little did I know folks were just starting to get into it. D'oh!

Game 1: 21 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: HWGuy (D3), Meat (D7), Spokes (D4)
Humans: Abyssilicious (N3), Amelia-kun (D5), Asthmaboy (N6), Fist of the North Star, Frylock, General Disarray (D6), Hydrant, Joel Marsh, KamikazeKero (N7), Larrikin (D2), Luna D. (Suicide), Radix (N5), Rancidfish (D1)
Seer: PostBjork (N1)
Masons: Avalon, Big Dick, Bringer of Death, EBT (N4), Rogue (N2)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: I realized two things in this game: First, it's best to have it so that the humans have to be right on 50% of their lynchings to win. This game proved way too easy: they only had to be 33% accurate to win. Moreover, there were more masons than wolves, meaning the masons could have ganged up on the wolves (although they didn't). Luna D. withdrew from the game voluntarily when I realized we had started with an odd number, which would've given the werewolves an mathematical advantage. In return, they were told how many wolves they had killed to that point.

Game 2: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Bringer of Death (D3), Luna D. (D5), Nisori (D6)
Humans: Asthmaboy (D1), Fist of the North Star (N3), Frylock (N4), IguanaGrrl (N6), Larrikin (D4), Meat (N5), PostBjork (N1), Rancidfish (N2), Sexy Knight, Trick Master
Seer: Radix (D2)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: This one was a nail-biter. I thought for sure that Nisori and Luna had this thing sewn up, but when Luna went down on Day 4, the momentum seemed to shift. It came down to the final lynching, and both humans agreed with each other. One of the most exciting games we've had.

Game 3: 16 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: BobertGrib, DJTyrant (D2), IguanaGrrl
Humans: Breeze (D4), Kamikaze Kero (N4), Larrikin (N3), Loogaroo (D3), Nugget359 (D1 - infraction), PostBjork (D3 - infraction), Radix (N1), Rancid (N5), Skip (D1 - infraction), Spike (D5), Supa (N2)
Seer: The Dude (D1)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: Bringer of Death hosted this one. A combination of a couple extra killings early on and an excellent distraction campaign (three people - myself included - accused Spike, Spike turned it against us each time, and it turned out we were all wrong) meant the humans didn't stand a chance.

Game 4: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: BobertGrib (D4), Gumby (D2), Hydrant (D5)
Humans: AceEmX2, Alapalooza, Breeze (N3), DJ (D3), Kurrel (N5), Mark, Rancid, Sexy Knight (N4), Spokes (N2), VGS (N1)
Seer: Joel Marsh (D1)
Witness: Breeze (N2, Gumby)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: The most exciting thing that happened in this game was the feud between Breeze and Gumby the day after the witness option was used. Aside from that, the game was pretty pedestrian, and the humans won handily.

Game 5: 14 players, 4 werewolves
Werewolves: Abysslicious (D4), Gumby, Joel Marsh (D1), SuPa (D3)
Humans: kami (N1), VGS (N2), SLKMMM (D2), Dark Eva (N3), Mouse (N5), Mahskata (D5), Nanaki (N6), Big Dick (D6), Kurrel (N7)
Seer: Niq (D4)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: It seemed as if the humans were getting too good, and so I added in an extra wolf to make things tougher. As it turns out, the wolves barely won this thing. I still question the keeping of Kurrel for the final lynching, though; he was pretty innocent after

Game 6: 16 players, 4 werewolves
Werewolves: Crosis the Purger, KamikazeKero, Loogaroo, Mouse
Humans: Breeze (N1), hwguy (D1), The Dude (N2), PostBjork (D2), Mark (N3), kami (D3), Fist of the North Star (N4), Asthmaboy (D4), 9feetandabove (N5), DJ Spokes (N5), redviper (N5)
Seer: Skip (N5)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: IguanaGrrl guest hosted this game. The first werewolf shutout, and I was a part of it. I had them eating out of the palm of my hand. The closest they got to lynching one of us was a tiebreak between me and kami on Day 3. But once I survived that, it was a matter of ganging up on Asthma, who was grounded at the time and couldn't post. Mwahahaha!

Game 7: 20 players, 6 werewolves
Werewolves: Spike (Luna, D2; Lover) Deus (Lupina, D3) Breeze (Lupina, D4) Bringer of Death (Lupina, D5), kami (Luna, D6), Diabetty (Luna, D7)
Humans: Joel Marsh, KamikazeKero, Mark, Radix, Rancidfish, Abysslicious (N1), Schupo (N2), Skip (N3), Crosis the Purger (N4 - Banned), The Dude (N5), IguanaGrrl (N6; Lover), Mouse (N7)
Seer: Big Dick
Cupid: Gumby (D1 - Banned)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: A tournament of champions of sorts, with two rival werewolf clans going against each other, but everything started to fall apart when Gumby was banned after he told everyone who the lovers were. I tried to counteract it by dissolving the bond between Iguana and Spike, but that meant Iguana knew all six wolves. This gave the humans more than enough to pick the wolves off one by one.

Game 8: 8 players, 2 werewolves
Werewolves: Black Lab, DJTyrant
Humans: Bringer of Death (N1), CStarFlare (D1), LoverofLing (D2), VGS (N3), CaffeinatedMajin (D3)
Seer: SuPa (N2)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: After the behemoth of a game last time, I thought I'd speed things up. Turns out that a small field gives the werewolves a huge advantage - the humans had nothing to go on and they had to get 2 out of 3 lynchings right. Tyrant came close to biting it on Day 2, though.

Game 9: 12 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: CaffeinatedMajin, kami, Mouse
Humans: Dark Eva (N1), Ni-ban Neko (D1), SuPa (N2), DJ Spokes (D2), Deus (N3), Larrikin (N4), Nanaki (D4), Hydrant (N5)
Seer: Loogaroo (D3)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: When the wolves win, they win big - 3 shutouts in 5 victories. Breeze guest-hosted this game.

Game 10: 15 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: The Dude, Larrikin (D6), Redviper (D7)
Humans: IguanaGrrl (N1), Rufus (D1), USDForum (D2), Caffeinated Majin (N3), Joose (N5), ShyGuy (D5), Gambit (N6), Indigo Vision (N7), Outer Limits (N8), Hydrant (N8)
Seer: Eckostyle (D3)
Guardian Angel: Alapalooza (D4)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: The humans played very poorly in this game. They allowed the wolves to lead them by the hand the entire first half of the game, leading to the lynchings of their two empowered allies. Both Ecko and Al were accused of being "too quiet", even though that's never been a good indicator of whether a person is a wolf. Oddly enough, they still had a chance to snatch victory away, but on the final night, both humans had to pick the one remaining wolf, and Hydrant missed the deadline.

Game 11: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Asthmaboy (D5), Ni-ban Neko (D4), Segekihei (D3)
Humans: Kami, TheDude (N1), CStarFlare (D1), TheDancingBoy (N2), Breeze (N3), D.J.J. (N4), Skip (N5)
Seer: Black Lab (D2)
Masons: DarkMirage, Hydrant, LoverofLing
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: The 4-game winning streak was finally snapped, largely thanks to the presence of masons. Also, Segekihei brought up a game of TWG he was hosting elsewhere, and the voters read it as him admitting he was a wolf (which he was). It was all downhill from there.

Game 12: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Zoelef, Deus, Wastrel
Humans: IguanaGrrl (N1), Fighting Hydrant (D1), CStarFlare (N2), Eckostyle (D2/6), Outer Limits (D3), Supa (D4), Honey Monster (N5), Nanaki (N6), Sugar Mouse (D7)
Seer: Breeze (N3)
Holy Man: Mouse (N4)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: I didn't really pay attention to this game, since Nanashi was guest hosting and I wasn't playing. He fasioned this game as a mock rehearsal of the Shakespearean tragedy Othello, with everyone both getting a role in the play and in the game. It's a trend that seems to have gone over quite well.

Game 13: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: 13 (D3), Fireboma (D4), Rufus (D5)
Humans: AquaWater (D1), TheDude (N2), 9feetandabove (D2), Supa (N3), Outer Limits (D3 - Flake), Nanaki (N5), SLKMMM, ShyGuy, Black Lab
Seer: Breeze (N4)
Guardian Angel: Kuma (N1)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: In this game, I added a couple side challenges to offer some extra intelligence to the player who won them. Black Lab won them both, and learned about the identity of two of the wolves while Breeze spotted the third. Outer Limits failed to participate at all during the game, and so he was banned indefinitely.

Game 14: 9 players, 1 werewolf
Werewolf: RobbieJ
Humans: Black Lab, Breeze, Dr. Spin, EBT, Lenoh, Mark, Mr. Self Destruct, ShyGuy
Result: Aborted
Thoughts: This was an attempt to make the game more Mole-like, with eight humans competing against each other to find the Werewolf, eliminate him, and become the new Werewolf. It got about halfway in before it was done in by too many absences and delays.

Game 15: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: CStarFlare, Eckostyle, Mark
Humans: Nanashi (N1), IguanaGrrl (D1), SLKMMM (N2), Larrikin (D2), Gumby (N3), Mouse (D3), NSD (N4), Giddylittleschoolgirl (N4)
Seer: Radix (N4)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: Hosted by Breeze. Once again, the wolves managed to fly under the radar perfectly as the humans were fighting amongst themselves, particularly in the first round when IG and Larrikin ended up in a runoff. CStarFlare was the closest to a lynch, in the second round.

Game 16: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Mark, Travelingpriest, Black Lab
Humans: Caffymajin, CooCheat, .gumby, Hydrant, Indigo, Larrikin, LoverofLing, MSD, ShyGuy
Seer: Breeze
Guardian Angel: Magical Girl Lain
Result: Aborted
Thoughts: The first game where I've ever directly stepped in and put the brakes on a game due to major infractions. Both .gumby and Breeze posted posthumously about the possibility of wolves killing one of their own at night. Since they posted one after the other, I knew that it would taint the voting pool. A shame, too, because ShyGuy was employing a fantastic strategy to draw out the bangwagoning wolves.

Game 17: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Players: CooCheat , Black Lab, Eric Tiko, Fighting Hydrant, IIDXMOG, Larrikin, Legendary, LoverofLing, Radix, Sabotage, ShyGuyMan, SLKMMM, t3h r4m3n k1ng, Travelingpriest
Result: Aborted
Thoughts: Yeah, another game that died in the middle. Too many people had to be away from their computer for extended periods of time, and that killed all the interest. Giddylittleschoolgirl was the host, which explains why I don't have all the information as to who was who. I'll get it ASAP.

Game 18: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Rufus (D2), CStarFlare, SLKMMM
Humans: Magical Girl Lain (N1), Loogaroo (D1), Rufus (D2), Spokes (N3), Saucy (N4), Alapalooza (D4), Deus Ex Machina (N5), Regenesis (D5), Black Lab (N6), LoverofLing (D6), Mark (N7)
Guardian Angel: Gumby (D3)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: Leave it to Nanashi to base a game of TWG off of The Passion of the Christ. I, trying to outwit the host, immediately accused Jesus of being a wolf while Judas was the GA. Turns out it was the other way around, and I was promptly given the boot. Oops.

Game 19: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Nanashi (D3 - Vigilante), DJTyrant (D5), Rufus (D6)
Humans: Caffymajin, Alapalooza, IguanaGrrl (N1), Deus Ex Machina (D1), CooCheat (N2), TheDante (D2), CStarFlare (N3), Lenoh (D3 - Lynched), Indigo (D4), Oolong (N5)
Seer: Giddylittleschoolgirl (N4)
Vigilante: unstitched (N6)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: I decided to follow Nanashi's lead and base this game off of a side-venture, this time being my favorite show I never watch - Dragonball Z. The Vigilante role was played perfectly, and it sent the wolves into a tailspin after both Oolong and GLSG had the two remaining wolves pegged.

Game 20: 14 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: smashattack (Yellow, D4), Fireboma (Yellow, D5), unstitched (Blue, D7), Black Lab (Blue, D8)
Humans: Mark, VGS, GeoDDR, kami, teh ramen king (N1), Tifaheart (D1), Larrikin (N2), Back to the Basics (D2), Spokes (N3), Bringer of Death (D3), Deus Ex Machina (N5), Alapalooza (N6), Caffy (D6)
Seer: GLSG (N8)
Guardian Angel: Mr. Blanco (N4)
Psychic: IguanaGrrl (N7)
Result: Humans win
Thoughts: In celebration of Game #20, I brought back the idea of two feuding packs competing against each other. In this case, the four werewolves were divided into the Packs of the Blue and Yellow Moons. Both packs were keeping a low profile until the fourth day, when unstitched and smashattack went after each other and more or less blew their cover. Meanwhile, Alapalooza - who was brought in as a replacement on the fourth day - got the identities of all four wolves right with his first post.

Game 21: 15 players, 3 werewolves
Werewolves: Wolfman (D3), Bringer of Death, splidge
Humans: Fireboma (N1), Irob (D1), Drunken Master (D2), Radix (N3), Peanut.MIX (N4), Mr.Blanco (D4, Vigilante), Oolong (D4, Lynched), Back to the Basics (D5), GeoDDR/GLSG (N6), lunartick2007 (D6)
Seer: Loogaroo (N2)
Vigilante: SuperMarioBro (N5)
Result: Werewolves win
Thoughts: Hosted by CoochDog. Too much infighting - particularly between SuperMarioBro and Mr. Blanco - submarined the humans' chances at winning. Meanwhile, splidge and BoD were perfectly content to blend into the background and let everyone else bicker. And for once, I died on account of a werewolf attack and not a lynching (although I still can't seem to get further than Day 3 as a human...)

Special Roles
Previous games
Hall of Fame

The Werewolf Game Hall of Fame

The following players have demonstrated excellent TWG-playing skills, and as a result have earned themselves a spot in the TWG Hall of Fame as well as membership to Team Werewolf Game.

Iguana has proven to be quite skilled as a TWG player, both as a human and a werewolf. Her guest-hosting of game 7 completes her triple crown. (Unfortunately, this usually makes her an early target for both wolves and lynchmobs...)

Before Niq, just about every seer had been killed before the third day. Niq far surpassed any other seer during his stay, making it all the way to the fourth day and pegging a werewolf in the meantime.

The only werewolf to survive more than one lynching by himself. Responsible for the first final-day win for the werewolves.

Big Dick
The first seer to survive an entire game. Moreover, it was the extra-long seventh game where he managed to fly under the radar for seven whole rounds.

One of the early pros, Radix has proven himself to be a formidable and persuasive human, able to see through many werewolf strategies.

The first person to be given the role of Vigilante, and she used it perfectly: knocking off a werewolf just as they were beginning to mount a bandwagon against her.

Many players have sold this guy short, but his attention to detail led him to identity of all four wolves in the 20th game, including their pack alignments - and he was subbing for another player at the time.

Special Roles
Previous games
Hall of Fame